Regent’s Park Wander

20150628_Regents_Park_Rose_Garden_0147 Making the most of the balmy summer nights towards the end of June, we found ourselves strolling around Regents Park.

I’m not a fan of the clichéd adage “tired of London, tired of life” to paraphrase the often quoted words. But sometimes there is no getting around it;  there really is always something new to discover in London. Regents Park is my favourite London Park, and I am saying that having picnicked, run, sun bathed, boot-camped and biked around quite a few others. Regents Park just makes me the most happy and so I spend a lot of time there and I feel like I know it pretty well. On this evening though, we happened to discover the rose garden for the first time. I always knew it was there but I didn’t know where and I had never taken the time to hunt it out before.

20150628_Regents_Park_Rose_Garden_007820150628_Regents_Park_Rose_Garden_004420150628_Regents_Park_Rose_Garden_007120150628_Regents_Park_Rose_Garden_0092I’m so glad we did, it’s a beautiful little space and even though the roses were slightly past their best, it still felt like we had entered a secret garden, or a scene from a Beatrix Potter tale. It was a good chance to practice our burgeoning photography skills too. I have to admit though, most of the photo credits go to Ben as Claire and I spent most of the time chatting. 20150628_Regents_Park_Rose_Garden_013520150628_Regents_Park_Rose_Garden_012020150628_Regents_Park_Rose_Garden_0154As I write Claire is just about to finish her 36 hour flight home and touch down in Wellington to eagerly awaiting family and friends. Its times like these I wish I could be there too, but I still have much more of London and Europe to discover yet.

20150628_Regents_Park_Rose_Garden_0123All the best for your next adventure Claire, miss you already xx