Sail Croatia in pictures

20150711_Sail_Croatia_Day6_1473Over summer we had a few friends visiting and we knew we wanted to get a proper summer holiday booked for while they were here. We had two objectives really, lots of sun and something easy to organise for a group. A couple of friends had been on sailing trips around Croatia in previous years and couldn’t recommend it enough. So it sounded like just the thing for us.

You really never hear a bad word about Croatia, I’m not going to add any here either. This holiday completely exceeded my expectations. Every day was wow! Sunshine, beautiful villages, friendly people and an abundance of seafood to enjoy. I think I had sea bass for dinner all but one night we were there. I got totally hooked and as soon as I saw it on a menu, I just couldn’t look past it.

Oh, and did I mention the ocean was so warm it was like swimming in bath water? I’ve never experienced anything like it. I could have stayed in all day if it weren’t for the enticing lunches on board prepared by our skipper or the thought of reaching our next island destination.

Here is our trip in photos. We collected blue skies, blue seas and sunset after gorgeous sunset.

Trogir, Split. Sail Croatia, MedSailors Island of Brac, Split. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsOur holiday was booked through MedSailors on the Discovery route which starts and ends in Split and takes you to a different island mooring every night. Your on board skipper and the support crew take care of everything. All we had to think about was when we wanted to fit in our next swim stop.

Our boats slept eight people plus the skipper, in pretty cosy rooms below deck. Although it was pretty tight, it was surprising how much could actually fit down there. It was like being in a Scandinavian apartment. Every compartment and little piece of space was used meaningfully and thoughtfully.

Stari Grad, Split. Sail Croatia, MedSailors Stari Grad, Split. Sail Croatia, MedSailors Here is us wandering Stari Grad before a bus ride took us to a winery at the top of the island for wine tasting and delicious Croatian food. The sunset over the vineyard was one of the best we saw. Stari Grad historic Vineyard, Split. Sail Croatia, MedSailors Sunset over Stari Grad historic Vineyard, Split. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsSome nights we would moor up on forlorn little jetties that led to sleepy village towns, other nights we would be docked at  bustling marinas like the one below in Hvar town.

Hvar, Split. Sail Croatia, MedSailors Hvar, Split. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsLook how clear that water is!Sail Croatia, MedSailorsWe spent our days swimming, paddle boarding and lounging in the sun on the boat decks.

Water reading. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsWhen it got too hot to read on board, I decided my best option was to tether my floaty to the boat and bob around all afternoon immersed in a book. I was reading the seventh installment of The Shardlake Series, not your average summer holiday read, it’s a historical crime series set in Tudor England, but it was long enough to keep me entertained for the whole holiday.

Korcula Old Town. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsWe spent our nights exploring quaint little island towns like Korcula Old Town. Here we had cocktails on the rooftop of a tower built over the sea. We managed to be up there at sunset as our tour guide recommended and it was one of the best tips of the trip.

Group shot! Korcula Old Town. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsSunset from Korcula Town. Sunset over Korcula Old Town. Sail Croatia, MedSailors We ventured into an abandoned submarine bay in the ex-military base island, Vis. We learned a bit about the history of the island which was only opened to tourists again in 1989 after years of serving as a military base for the Yugoslav National Army. Vis. Sail Croatia, MedSailors Vis. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsWe caught another sunset overlooking Vis town and explored more of the island with our tour guide. Most of the island was so rugged we were shipped around in the back of a Jeep and it was not a smooth ride. Old Church. Vis. Sail Croatia, MedSailors Vis. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsBoat Life. We hung our togs out in the breeze over night and for the most part abandoned our showering and cleansing routines in favour beach hair and sun tan. Boat Life. Vis. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsBoat Life. Sail Croatia, MedSailors Sunset over Sesula Bay on our last stop of the tour. The one restaurant on the bay was so busy with boat loads of tourists anchored there for the night we didn’t eat until after 10pm. We were starving by this time but my last sea bass meal of the tour didn’t disappoint. Sesula Bay. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsWalking to the night markets in Trogir Town on our last night in Croatia. Here we spent our last Croatian Kuna on fresh juices and souvenirs to take home. Trogir, Split. Sail Croatia, MedSailorsI hope you enjoyed our pictures. Going through them all and editing them recently my over-riding thought has been, I want to do it all again..

Take me back, seriously.. Take me back.