My London: My Netball Team

dani-backWhen I first arrived in London, I knew no-one. Well that’s how I tell the story at least, I did know a few people. I have extended family here, an uncle and cousins that live in and around London. There were also a few acquaintances from high school, and an Aussie couple we met while travelling in Japan. That couple turned out to be a big part of our London life, but we weren’t to know that at the time. So for all intents and purposes we had no-one but each other so I knew I had to get out there and make some friends fast. I love Ben, he’s really good company but my London life was definitely going to need some girlfriends to get me through it.

How do you make friends in a big city? How do you make friends as an adult? I had no idea really, so I just thought, let me try and fill my days. We joined expat groups, and tapped into all the contacts we had for weekend meetups. But what I now count as my best idea, was to join a netball team.

I hunted for social teams in my area and much to my luck, got placed in a cobbled together team of awesome ladies from all around the country and the world. The team was called The Venus Fly Traps and they had already played a season or two together when I joined. Little did I know that five years on these girls would form the biggest constant in my shambolic London life and we would still be sporting the bewildering name of a carnivorous plant.

The name, assigned to us by a rogue club manager, has never sat well with us, but every Tuesday rain or shine, in stifling humidity or biting cold, we turn up to the courts. We shimmy into our Lycra and pull our hair into ponytails as the sun goes down on another day at the office. We get out into the, usually brisk, air, chatting about life lately and sizing up the competition. We have been winners, losers, injured and angered on the courts, but more important to me is the memories we have made off court.

So here’s to the memories girls! Looking forward to many, many more..

Tournament days with One Netball club…

 ^^ Pink Ladies

We have travelled together, danced together, seen beautiful marriages and supported each other through painful breakups. We have celebrated so many milestones; birthdays, new jobs and study and must have collectively moved flats over 20 times. Which is great, because that means flat warmings.

My favourite times are always those drunken, messy, gossipy girls nights though!

roadie^^ Roadie

Eat your heart out Michael

So much gin ^^^

We have changed and grown so much in our five plus years together as a team. People have moved back home, or to Bermuda and others have arrived in London for new challenges and jobs and joined for new friendships fitness and fun.  I’ve been lucky to get to know such an awesome group of ladies..

Yay for The Venus Fly Traps, past present and future…!

Check out my other posts about London Life, getting a visa and where I’m living. More to follow soon.


4 thoughts on “My London: My Netball Team

  1. It was so refreshing to read your post Andie and there is a lot that is relatable! The passion for netball, not just for the skill and the game itself, but the large social aspect and community that it represents, is amazing. After leaving school and having a lot of friends moving away to attend University, I wanted to make more friends to share the hardships and milestones of life too. I find that sport is the best therapy to get past a tough work day or personal situation and if you can make close friends whilst doing it, it is a win win situation! Not only does my team love the game (the winning, losing, frustration at bad umpiring and injuries), but we too enjoy socialising with each other and have enjoyed many wine drinking ladies’ nights! It is lovely to see that your team have been a large part of each other’s lives, with so many experiences together, and that netball was the thing that bought you together. There are many health and social benefits of joining a team sport, and although it is daunting in a new community, you can be reassured that you all have at least one thing in common, the love of playing the game. The friendships created are without a doubt the bonus!

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    • Hi Jodie, thanks for your comment, I agree completely! It’s such a good way to connect with friends while also getting some (for me) much needed exersize. I’m glad you’re having such a good time playing netball too. It really is the best sport. Also, sorry for my slow reply, I missed your message somehow.


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