Eweleaze Farm: Camping in England

20160820_eweleaze_farm_camping_0370For my 29th birthday Ben and I went camping and it was the best!

We camped at a beautiful site just outside of Weymouth, Eweleaze Farm. Eweleaze Farm is on the South East coast and I had heard that it was the best campsite in England. Having tried but failed to get there in 2015, (we were washed out, surprise, surprise) excitement levels were high for this trip.

I had only one goal for this trip, lots of outdoor activities and relaxing. Lucky for us, the weather didn’t let us down and we spent three full days swimming, hiking and exploring.

Day 1: Settling in

The first thing you should know, is that the campsite is tops. The best I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a few. The showers felt like you were in a tropical rainforest, with just enough creature comforts and privacy while still being out in the elements. Every morning the onsite bakery tantalised you with fresh croissants, rolls and other delicious smelling delicacies.20160820_eweleaze_farm_camping_0572Oh, and did I mention the view? Endless rolling hills and cornfields overlooking your own private beach.20160820_eweleaze_farm_camping_0212^^^ Our first home. Thankfully it withstood the elements, the coastal wind has flattened a fair few tents at this site.

Day 2: Corfe Castle

Lonely Planet described Corfe Castle and the surrounds as romantic and dramatic and they weren’t wrong. Set above a quaint little village with a steam train rolling through, the picturesque ruins really catch your eye. For the best vantage point climb up the nearby hillside, I think it’s a part of the National Trust area and you will get fantastic views looking over the castle ruins.


Day 3: Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door

Today we earned our dinner. I dragged Ben on a 7 mile (11km) hike up and down the steep chalky cliffs of the Jurassic Coast Line. We started at Lulworth Cove, taking a few pics of the secluded bay and tourist boat port before embarking on our first hurdle along the coastal path that eventually reaches Durdle Door.20160820_eweleaze_farm_camping_0231We were met by some disinterested cows and our first glimpse of the gleaming white cliff faces this section of coastline is known for.

You first come across Man of War beach, which I suspect is the better beach because the cove protects you from winds buffeting the coastline, then as you crest the next hill the famous Durdle Door comes into view.20160820_eweleaze_farm_camping_0264It seemed like the perfect place to stop off for some lunch.20160820_eweleaze_farm_camping_0355^^^ A bit of a paddle was in order, too.

We pressed on after lunch though, four more miles to cover with some steep ridges in our path meant we didn’t want to mosey about. Our circular route took us to White Nothe, meaning White Nose and what I assume is the point of the cliffs that juts out from the land the most. Other than that though, White Nothe as a destination wasn’t very exciting. This walk is all about the journey and the scenes we were treated to along the track did not disappoint.

Oh, and some kestrel friends watched over us as we wandered.20160820_eweleaze_farm_camping_0504As we dragged our weary legs back over the cliffs we had energetically scaled a few hours before, we decided a swim was in order. The sea was warm from the days heat and sparkling in the slowly setting sunshine. We stripped our sweaty outer layers and plunged in for a refreshing dip.20160820_eweleaze_farm_camping_0543A birthday dinner of fish’n’chips at Lulworth Cove completed the day perfectly.

Day 4: Packing up and Bournemouth Beach

We woke to glorious sunshine on our final day camping and it was only supposed to get hotter. We meandered over to the little beach below the campsite for a wake up swim before stopping in for fresh juice and baked goods for breakfast at the campsite shops.

We said goodbye to the resident livestock, lambs, pigs, alpacas and the most popular of all, puppies. Packed up our tent and drove off, carefully avoiding children chasing kites vowing that we would be back next year for sure.20160820_eweleaze_farm_camping_0583We stopped off at the ever popular and supremely crowded Bournemouth beach for a swim and ice cream on the way home. It was jarring after the tranquilness and quiet of the campsite though and we didn’t stay long.


My London: Hello, Tufnell Park

20160908_benscommute_0251After less than a year ago writing that I had finally found my groove on Tottenham Hale and we were never going to leave..We left. And it’s the best thing ever!

Some dodgy plumbing and a stubborn landlord meant our hand was forced and after a particularly riling note left by said landlord one day, we promptly handed in our notice and started looking for a new place to call home.

We set our budget, lowered our expectations, lowered them some more and then saw the first of what would turn out to be 18 flats all in all.. and we’re not even that fussy.

Anyway, we had pretty much closed a deal on a super hipster place in Dalston sharing with a chef and his fashionista girlfriend. The place was chic and totally aspirational for us, we’re nowhere near that cool and put together. But I had noticed a humble room in Tufnell Park that I thought I would go and check out just to be sure, as I had my doubts about Dalston.20160723_Saturday_BBQ_0602It was the one. I knew it as soon as a wandered in. But I had consumed half a bottle of wine with a friend down the road beforehand so I had to bring Ben back the next day to be sure. He agreed and luckily the current flatmates liked us too and the rest is history.

We have lived here 6 months now and it’s amazing how much our lifestyle has changed over this time. We walk everywhere possible and when we don’t walk we catch the 390 bus from straight outside our house.20160723_Saturday_BBQ_0554We picnic on Primrose Hill…

And swim* in the ponds at Hampstead Heath.img_6884*Well I have swum once so far but I’m trying to make it a more regular thing.

We buy way too decandent ice creams from Ruby Violet’s on the high street and have brunch at Tufnell Park’s claim to fame Bear + Wolf cafe where they serve Kiwi coffee.. Aaaand also import, to my everlasting surprise and gratefulness, Kiwi Hot Chocolate! I’m transported home with every sip.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of all the great restaurants and pubs in the area. I’m sure I read somewhere some research that shows that people who have a local pub are happier, or something along those lines. I can say that we are much more social having lots of drinking options close by. Shout out to-

Oh and did I mention all the excitement of Camden town is half an hours walk away and that means food markets for lunch!

It has been a great summer here so far. I love our new lifestyle, I feel like we spend much less time commuting and jumping on a tube as soon as we leave our front door and much more time exploring what’s around us and taking time to smell the roses.

So this is where I’m living. I’m posting this as part of a little project I’m doign to record this point in my life for posterity. You can check out earlier posts on My Visa Journey and My London Project.  Next I’ll introduce you to my netball team.

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