Coconut Dream Slice

coconut dream sliceThis bake was born out of a very rainy bank holiday Monday. We got back from a trip to Wales yesterday nursing hangovers and tired from all the driving. So when I woke up this morning to pouring rain and bleak skies, I quickly decided that I wasn’t leaving the house. I changed into my track pants, caught up with the world – there is little to no reception where we stay in Wales – and settled in for a day of my favourite things at the moment: reading, baking and watching back to back episodes of New Girl.

I mentioned to Ben that I was going to bake and he said how about a slice? He was thinking one of those fridge slices with condensed milk or real chocolate, but we had none of that. Looking through my Edmonds cookbook, my eyes skimmed over the Brownie and Ginger Crunch and landed on the Coconut Dream slice recipe, luckily we had a lot of coconut.

coconut dream sliceI have never made this one before, and as far as I know have never had it. I had no idea what it was supposed to look like, or taste like for that matter. But with lots of coconut and more than a fair share of brown sugar, I knew I couldn’t go too far wrong with it. coconut dream slice This recipe has a simple base of butter, brown sugar, flour and baking powder which is quickly baked before an eggy topping is poured on. The topping consist of eggs, more brown sugar, vanilla essence, chopped nuts and a whole lot of coconut.  coconut dream sliceI’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like this, I may have slightly over baked it. It tastes delicious though, you can really taste the caramelisation from the brown sugar and I love the chewy coconut and nut topping. It’s good as it is, but I think warmed with cream or ice cream would take this traditional slice to the next level.

I’m not going to reproduce the whole recipe as the Edmonds company might have something to say about too many of their recipes turning up on my blog. But you can buy a copy of the book here.

So Kiwis, has anyone had the Coconut Dream slice? Is this how it is supposed to look?


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