Blog Birthday – 1 year on

Green Pastel Birthday Cake with sprinklesYesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday and made my own birthday cake. I love an occasion to make cake and my own birthday is no exception. I went all out with pastel icing, sprinkles and candles – a proper birthday cake. Thanks to those who came out and helped me eat it last night, I had a great night.

Pastel Birthday Cake with sprinklesAs I started this blog on my birthday last year, that means my blog is now one year old. My birthday fell on a Friday last year and I had taken a flexi-day off work as a present to myself. I remember agonising over the first post and goading myself into pressing send before jumping in the shower and getting ready to meet friends for drinks in town.

I didn’t tell anyone about it for the first few months and I didn’t really do much on it. Then after a chance convo with one of my best friends from home, I started putting together my 27 List. Since then I have written 35 blog posts, had 1,010 views, 419 visitors and 41 comments. Not bad, although most of those visits and comments come from my parents, thanks mum and dad xx

Green Pastel Birthday Cake with sprinklesGreen Pastel Birthday Cake with sprinklesSo what’s next?

I have a few things I want to catch up on over the next few months, summer holiday memories and a few more things I have completed on the 27 List. My June update had a lot of gaps and work in progress, so I’ll keep working on that too. Then I’ll be turning my attention to my next set of goals and plans for the blog.

I’m not sure what they will be at the moment, but I know I’m going to keep at it. I’m getting more comfortable with writing and sharing my writing. It’s also a great way for Ben and I to practice our photography and try new things with our camera which is a bonus.

So, onwards and upwards and all that!

Thanks for joining me so far guys xx

Pastel Birthday Cake with sprinkles


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