5. Create a Star Constellation Scarf


I read a fair few blogs, mostly on travel, quite a few on baking and a lot in between. I use the Bloglovin’ app to keep up to date with all the new writers, crafters and travellers I discover, and as I discover more and more awesome content I have started un-following blogs that I just don’t read anymore, as you do with Facebook – there are some random acquaintances you just have to expunge from your daily feed to keep your sanity.

There are two blogs that I always, always come back to though, A Beautiful Mess (ABM) and EnJOY It. They are both written by awesome women who produce intelligent and creative content and although they are both multi-channel lifestyle businesses now, at their heart, they are crafters and post almost daily DIY inspiration. I’m not really a crafter myself, I’m just not set up for it, but when I came to writing my 27 List, I knew I would have to challenge myself to try out a few things.

20150815_Constellation_scarf_0032 I spotted this DIY Constellations Scarf in the ABM archives one day and I was inspired to give it a go myself. I knew I had an old scarf I could use, and I can sew. How hard could it be? So I gave it a go. After a month or so searching for paint and embroidery thread I liked I got started drawing star templates and making stamps.

20150815_Constellation_scarf_0062I enjoyed chosing out the constellations a lot, that is the idea that attracted me to this activity the most, I thought it was an awesome way of personalising something. Above, I’m showing off the Southern Cross constellation, the cross which features on the New Zealand (and Australian) flag.

20150815_Constellation_scarf_PSD_0042I have also managed to put in myself and my sisters’ start signs Leo, Gemini and Aries and two Harry Potter references Sirius and Bellatrix. Although Bellatrix is missing the arrow part, oops.

When I first started making this I had imagined I would give it as a present, but after a few too many sloppy stars and uneven embroidery I think I better keep it for myself. On the surface this is a very simple craft, but like everything it is in the execution and without practice, mine was just not up to it. I am happy with my little effort though and I will wear it over winter, once it’s layered up all the imperfections are hidden.

20150815_Constellation_scarf_0063 So, that’s my first ‘as seen on’ blog attempt. I always wonder how many people reading these two blogs actually try any of what they read about. Have you ever tried any ‘as seen on’ blog crafts?

Photos thanks to Ben xx


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