25: Prince2 Project Management Study

_MG_0013If they mark you on your tabbing ability, I think I would get full marks. This might look a little overzealous, and I’m not saying it wasn’t. but it was an open book test, so finding my way around the book was a must.

I’m not sure if I have passed or not yet, but I could not feel more deserving of a nice pint of cider on this sunny Friday evening. I have just finished the Prince2 Practitioner exam, after a week of intensive study learning the Prince2 method for successful project management.

Intensive was not an over exaggeration, this was 9 to 5 of straight classroom study, then further revision and practice exams every night at home. So I haven’t done much else this week (except lose a game of netball on Tuesday..sigh..).

_MG_0006Why did I do it?

There were a few reasons why I wanted this qualification:

1. It will help me do better in my current job. My role as a Performance Analyst has expanded quite a bit in these last few months as I transferred from a financial accounting team, to a compliance team which is a small more centralised team. I have had opportunities to take on service reviews of business areas and processes relating to performance and have taken on a few small projects which I am loving!

2. My own personal development. I am an English and Languages major, now working in an area that does not have that much relationship to my degree. So I am hoping that having a few relevant professional qualifications to back up my experience will help me out on my CV.

3. I think project management might suit my skill set quite well. Maybe? I think I would need to be involved in a few larger scale projects to really know. But it’s something I’m thinking about for further down the track.

Fingers crossed for a good result! Happy Friday all xx _MG_0017PS, shout out to my friend Hello I’m KD, who sent me these awesome sticky notes a good while ago… I finally got to use them, and totally own Freda fandom on your behalf.


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