April Update: Spring Time

Cherry blossom- Regents Park London I hope you’re all enjoying the changing seasons. It’s spring time in London and I couldn’t be happier that the weather is warming up.

This past month has been busy since Ben has been back in London, hence why my April update is coming to you mid-May. It has been a great month though – did I mention that my boyfriend is back? Yay! We have also attended weddings and birthdays; met two new baby boys, both oh so gorgeous; spent a long weekend camping and partying; tripped out to Wales; caught up with Game of Thrones and kept up with our full-time jobs. When you put it like that it sounds crazy, but we have had so much fun.

This month I’m focusing on knitting, my project management study for work and saving some money for all the adventures we have planned for the summer.

Here is how I’m getting on with the list:

1. Make a 3 tiered cake a la Sweetapolita Complete! Check out my practice run and the final baby shower cake.

2. Watch the entire series of Sex and the City  – Maybe I’ll be more productive with my evenings now that I have finished this. You can read my review here, spoiler – I loved it!

3. Write at least 27 more blog entries – Since writing the list, I have completed 17 posts so far… many more to come.

4. See The Book of Mormon theatre show – This is booked! I’m so excited to see this in July… AND I will get to share the experience with two very good friends who are visiting over summer. Can’t wait!

5. Create a star constellation scarf

6. Host friends for a grown up dinner party

7. Make French macaronsDone!They were delicious. Here are my macarons and my Paris research.

8. Plan a travel trip to Morocco

9. Make lolly infused vodka See my colourful attempt here.

10. Knit a peggy square blanket, maybe like thisThis is the beginnings of my blanket, although I am thinking of this square as a practice run. I have two quite big holes in it where I got into messes and didn’t know how to get out of them other than ignoring them. I also started off with 4mm needles but wondered if my knitting was coming out too compact, so I am now experimenting with 6.5mm needles, they give a kind of ribbing effect.

_MG_006211. Try out dance classes – Life got in the way and I stopped going to classes, I keep telling myself I’ll go back to it, but it has been a couple of months now…

12. Run a 10K cancer research race

13. Make salted caramel as gifts

14. Develop a uniform work wardrobe of at least 8 outfits

15. Go to see an inspirational speaker (like a Ted Talk) –  I was inspired by many speakers at the Women of the World Festival.  An unexpected talk about The Myth of Talent really resonated with me too.

16. Take a DSLR camera course – I have bought the ABM DSLR Basics course and have been reading through the lessons slowly. I am waiting for some more sunlight to truly start practicing.

17. Read these books –  The Robber BrideFinished 13/03/2015, see my first attempt at a book review here. The Colour Purple – Finished 20/03/2015, see my purple post here. The Kite Runner – I have this ordered at my local library. I can’t wait to get started on it.

18. Make gimmick tea bag craft idea for friends

19. Hike along the White Cliffs of Dover

20. Move into a 1 bed flat with Ben

21. Stay at/visit a National Trust site

22. See a netball match, hopefully to support New Zealand. – It doesn’t look like NZ is touring England this year, booo! But England will be playing a few World Cup warm up matches in the next few months.

23. Have a cocktail at the Ritz

24. Climb Snowdon Mountain, Wales

25. Do some study through work. Hopefully a Prince2 Project Management qualification. – I am booked in to attend a 1 week intensive course mid-May, wish me luck. I think I’m going to need it.

26. Print a photo book

27. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant – It’s not booked yet but all things going well, Ben and I are going to have lunch at Galvin at Windows for our anniversary. I think it’s the worst name for a restaurant I have heard, but the food looks delicious.

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