17. Read: The Color Purple

The Color Purple by Alice Walker is one of those classic books that seems like it features in the school curriculum of most of the Western World. So many people have read it, so many people love it and if they haven’t read it, most people know of it and know the general premiss of the story. So I’m not going to review this one for two reasons:

  1. Because I finished it a month or so ago and have had to return the book to the library, so I would be reminding myself of quotes and aspects by searching the internet anyway and it would be unlikely that after reading others’ reviews I would then be putting forward opinions of my own.
  2. I fear I would never do it justice, it’s such an important and complex book. I think I will leave it to you to discover, if you haven’t already.

So instead of a review, I have turned my camera lens on to the colour purple. Purple is, unsurprisingly, a theme of the book and at one point the main character, Celie, says that god will be annoyed if you walk by the colour purple and don’t appreciate it. Or something along those lines, again, I don’t have the book around.

So I started looking for purple.purple lanterns purple lanterns _MG_0296

I found these lovely pastel lanterns in Za Za Bazaar in Bristol. Tired after a long day of sightseeing, my sister and I popped in to this waterfront bar and restaurant for a drink and ended up sitting in a sun-lit area under these. Perfect!

These were about to go into a tomato pasta when I paused to appreciate the colours.

red onion

red onion

I spied these doors along Portobello Road and took pictures like a creeper.


purple door

I have these three lovely perfume bottles on my dresser at the moment. When chosing a perfume, of course, I want it to smell good. But I must admit, I almost get more pleasure out of a nice bottle. purple perfume My favourite bottle is the apple-shaped one. This is by a French boutique fashion house Lolita Lempicka and it has an amazing liquorice scent which I love. It’s nearly finished but I know I will be replacing this one over and over again.

purple perfume


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