9. Make lolly infused vodka

I remember in my late teens every second party included numerous shots of vodka jellies, or jello shots as they are called in America, an amazing blend of sweet and alcohol. Just as I liked it back then, when the only alcohol I drunk was vodka mixes and a sickly sweet fruit wine called Passion Pop.

Enter the lolly vodka. I have thought about doing vodka infusions many times and when I saw the colours of these I knew it had to go on my 27 list.

_MG_0030I couldn’t find any colourful boiled sweets in my local supermarkets (I have four supermarkets in easy walking distance and I checked them all over the course of a few weeks), so I concluded that the UK didn’t do boiled sweets* and searched the internet for other options.

Turns out, just about any lolly will melt in vodka, marshmallows, peppermints, gummy bears, Starbursts, salted caramels, pretty much anything. But for the extreme colour I wanted, I chose Skittles. I used two family packs and picked out my favourite berry flavours.

_MG_0051Skittles are a little more time consuming as they don’t completely dissolve, you have to filter all the waxy bits out before drinking it. I let mine sit over night then filtered it and gave it a taste.

The colour is awesome but aside from a bit more sweetness it didn’t really offer much taste. I mixed mine with Sprite and I loved the look, but I only got a slight hint of Skittles in the after taste if I really looked for it. Maybe I needed more Skittles?

_MG_0118*Disclaimer: I probably could have found some in those specialist sweet shops that stock all the nostalgic lollies no longer stocked in your everyday shops, but I didn’t want to pay those prices.

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