1. Make a 3 tiered cake- Practice run

Cake, cake cake!!

_MG_0014 This is the most epic cake I have ever attempted.So I knew I had to do a practice run before the main event.

_MG_0038I just loooove how the icing turned out using Sweetapolita’s technique. I really hope I can get this effect and these colours again. I only just had enough icing to cover this cake, next time I am going to make more to do a border around the bottom and make that more professional looking. Maybe I will attempt to pipe around the top too.

_MG_0030Cutting this was so exciting! And yes, that’s chocolate mousse in the middle, yum!

_MG_0036Give me a fork!


8 thoughts on “1. Make a 3 tiered cake- Practice run

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