13. Make salted caramels as gifts

201412 From my phone 521

I made these yummy and easy caramels as Christmas gifts for the lovely ladies in my netball team. We had brunch last Sunday and I gave them out with my favourite gingerbread cookies.

I made this recipe twice. The first time I didn’t boil them for long enough and forgot the salt. They still tasted good but were more like a fudgey caramel sauce and very messy to eat.

I knew I could do better, so the next day I got my ingredients out again and gave it another go. I followed the recipe really closely (not my usual style) and was less cautious about the boiling process (I was really stressed about burning the sugar in my first attempt) and the results were better. I still would have liked them a bit firmer, and if I attempt these again I think it will have to be with a candy thermometer, but for my first foray into boiled sweets I’m happy with the results and my friends loved them.

First task completed, yay!


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