27 while 27

I started this blog around my birthday. In fact the goal was to go live before my 27th birthday and, being the procrastinator that I am, this meant my blog went live exactly on my 27th birthday. I took the day off work, researched blog hosting sites, settled on a domain name and clicked the publish button all before rushing out the door to meet my friends for celebration drinks.

Done. Goal achieved, I had taken the first step.

I then populated a few more posts, tinkered around with the layout and themes a little and quickly lost momentum. Fail.

So in an attempt to revive my blog and complete one of the 27 things on my year’s to do list, I am going to blog my way through these 27 goals for the year. Some of them are big, some are expensive and some are really time consuming, but I hope all are achievable and all will help me grow, meet people and mark my 27th year with accomplishments.


4 thoughts on “27 while 27

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